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IPhone and Android Repairing in TX

For any iPhone Repairing services like – Battery Issues, Headphone Jack Issues or Broken Screen/LCD of iPhone, we repair it all!

Screen Repair

Breaking the screen of your iPhone is a common issue nowadays. You drop the phone and when you pick it up you face the worst nightmare of your life as the screen is shattered. Well, don’t worry this article will make your problems go away as our company as the best tips for screen repair. Assuming that the customer hasn’t got an apple care + fixing a cracked screen can be a bit expensive but it’s worth every dime.

Our expert technicians will fix your screen in a jiffy and make your phone running in no time. As our customer satisfaction is our main motto we repair the screen with original Apple parts. Well if you go or some other high-end repair shop they can make the recovery as well but you be guaranteed a replacement of the original part. There has numerous report that their touch is unresponsive when their phone is back from repair but such problems in our company are negligible.

Battery Repair

iPhone is one of the best phones on the market but sadly battery life seems to be a problem. Customers usually complain about the less juice present in the phone. The nightmares come when the phone doesn’t take juice at all. Our company replaces the battery or makes the battery repair wit improved customer support.

Our team looks for your apples serial number manually and makes your phone eligible for repair. Our team updates your iOS to see that if your phone is working well. If it does we don’t charge an extra dollar we charge you just for the update. Since sometimes faulty battery life can be fixed with a simple OS update

Headphone Jack Repair

If you are a music lover then having a good pair of headphone is a must have. You plugged your jack to hear some good music but the found out that no music is coming out. In this situation, the customer may wonder what the problem might be.

Well, relax our company has got you all covered. Sometimes the problem may be simple as hardware replacement so our team looks into this issue when such problems occur. If the hardware seems to be fine then our company checks your phone with another headphone jack. Our company makes checks your phone for music and calls and if it the headphones works fine then the problem lies with the jack and not the headphones.

iMessage Repair

Messages can be an integral of communication and have a faulty i messenger can be a real big problem. Users mainly complain about the fact that they see green and blue bubbles when they are trying to send a text. Our company diagnoses such problems and offers you the best fix. The messenger present iPhone is very different from the tradition SMS and multimedia messages.

Our company first gets to know about the problems and enlightens the customers before offering a fix. When a customer experiences such problem that first thing our company does it to confirm that whether I message working with all of your contacts.

If it’s not working with only a particular contact then the problem is on their end. If the i message is not working at any of your contacts then the problem is with the customer. Our company sends a text asking your permission to any of your contacts. If the blue bubble appears then i messenger is working if it appears green then it’s using cellular data to send messages

Charging Port Repair

If the customers are facing issues with their charging port it is likely that the user’s phone came in contact with a liquid or the pins are hampered. Other systems of bad charging port can be iTunes not addressing your iPhone when you plug into your computer. Sit back and have a coffee because our company has the most cost-effective solutions for you. Our trained professionals will fix the dock connector with help of tools such as 5-Point security screwdriver, Spurger tool, and a razor blade.

  • Our company turns off your phone and with the help of the screwdriver removes the front deck pf your phone gently. Now placing the suction cap above the home button prices up from the bottom
  • Once the screen is free our expert technicians swing up the display to get a proper hold of the shield that holds the cables in place
  • With the help of #000 screwdriver, the battery is removed and connector board is now pried up

Now the next step involves removing the lighting dock from the connector assembly. Philips screwdriver is now used to remove the seven screws gently. Our company carefully removes these screws and carefully separates them. Other high-end repair shops fail to do this since their staff is not well equipped with tools and proper knowledge of dock fix.

Now the final step involves in assembles the parts that have opened for fixing. Reconnecting of the battery is done with the careful placement of fingers and the reposition of battery shield is done with the use of #000 screwdriver. The display is attached again done with the Philips screwdriver and the display shield is carefully secured.

Once the new dock is repaired it is now tested and verified with the help of our expert team. Now the phone is turned back and tested with a wall charger. If the charging is fine then the process has taken a positive turn. Now the phone is attached to the computer and tested. If the phone recognizes the iTunes then the charging is working fine. Such problems can cost you a lot of money if you are running out apple care+ but come to us will give you the best possible deal

Why Choose Us

These days phones are of utmost importance. Without a well-performed phone, the users find it very hard to access his life with ease. Our company knows the value of your time and work and hence provides an impeccable customer support.

We have a team of experienced technicians who carefully handle your phone and solves the problems regarding your phone in a jiffy. Our team consists trained technicians who provide on delivery for your phone and our English-speaking staff provides an impeccable customer support. Choose us because our customer support treats their customers like their own family. Our team actually listens to your problems and always greets the customers with a smile.


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