iPhone 8 Plus Services

Glass & LCD Repair

We’ve all been there.. whether you’ve accidentally knocked your iPhone 8 plus off the table, or dropped it as you watch it fall in seemingly “slow motion” as it meets its doom on the hard ground. On average, people damage their screen or LCD once every 2 weeks! That’s why we make it our goal to have you back and scrolling on your social outlets in 20 minutes or less without breaking the bank, every time.

The parts we use are genuine and quality, just like our expert technicians. And our warranty covers any repairs that we do, so you know you are getting the best value all the way around for your iPhone 8 plus screen replacement.

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Battery Repair 

It’s last problem anyone wants to deal with. You leave your iPhone 8 plus on the charger for what feels like an eternity, and then in about an hour, you only have about 30%  power left. Or even worse, you phone won’t hold any power at all! We understand that your iPhone 8 plus is your life, and not having great battery performance or none at all may mean lost work-time and communication with loved ones.

We take this seriously, and rely on quality parts and installation so you’ll never experience that issue again! Your iPhone 8 plus battery replacement always come with our warranty as well.

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Front and Back Camera Repair

Sometimes, your iPhone 8 plus front camera will stop working unexpectedly.  You’ll be unable to take selfies, and if your 8 plus rear camera stops working, that’s even worse!  We have trained technicians that can repair and replace your iPhone camera in a hurry.  We won’t have you waiting hours to get your phone fixed.  Your iPhone 8 plus front camera replacement and rear camera replacement can be performed in 20 minutes or less.

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iPhone Speaker Repair

Have you ever had issues with your iPhone 8 plus speaker and the person you’re talking to couldn’t understand what you’re saying?  There are many common iPhone issues that could cause your speaker to not function properly.  One common issue is an audio ic failure.  When your phone’s audio ic fails, Apple will not fix the issue and instead suggest you buy a new phone.  Lucky for you, there are qualified repair shops across the country that will be able to have your iPhone 8 plus speaker repair done in no time!

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Charging Port Repair

If someone is facing charging issues with their iPhone 8 plus charging port it is likely that the user’s phone came in contact with a liquid or the pins are hampered. Other systems of bad charging port can be iTunes not addressing your iPhone when you plug into your computer. Sit back and have a coffee because our company has the most cost-effective solutions for you. Our trained professionals will fix the dock connector with help of tools such as 5-Point security screwdriver, Spurger tool, and a razor blade.

  • Our company turns off your phone and with the help of the screwdriver removes the front deck of your phone gently. Now placing the suction cap above the home button prices up from the bottom
  • Once the screen is free our expert technicians swing up the display to get a proper hold of the shield that holds the cables in place.
  • With the use of a Tri-Point screwdriver, the battery is removed and the connector board can now be taken out as well.

The next step involves removing the lighting dock from the connector assembly. Philips and Tri-Point screwdrivers are now used to remove all screws gently. Our company carefully removes these screws and carefully separates them. Other high-end repair shops fail to do this since their staff is not well equipped with tools and proper knowledge of dock fix.

Now the final step involves in assembling the parts that have been opened. The LCD is then attached  and the display shield is carefully secured. Reconnecting of the battery is done with the careful placement and the battery shield is placed back in position.

Once the new dock is repaired, it is tested and verified with the help of our expert team.  We’ll test it using our Macbook and wall chargers. Having a charging port replacement can cost you a lot of money, but coming to us gives you the best price for your iPhone 8 plus charging port repair. 

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Why Choose Us

These days phones are of utmost importance. Without a well-performed phone, the users find it very hard to access his life with ease. Our company knows the value of your time and work and hence provides an impeccable customer support.

We have a team of experienced technicians who carefully handle your phone and solves the problems regarding your phone in a jiffy. Our team consists trained technicians who provide on delivery for your phone and our English-speaking staff provides an impeccable customer support. Choose us because our customer support treats their customers like their own family. Our team actually listens to your problems and always greets the customers with a smile.


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